Proph was born and raised in Boston and made his way to Atlanta in 2007 for a different life.  His journey to becoming a tattoo artist began when he started his career in illustration and graphic design.  He loved the challenge, but felt that he was putting a lot of passion and energy into something that could soon be forgotten. Wanting to create art that stood the test of time and had a sense of importance.

After getting tattooed, he became obsessed with the process and immersed himself into learning the history, different cultural processes and styles.  This new obsession made him lose interest in design and grew his passion towards the art of tattoo.  Shortly after, he decided to start working towards becoming the artist he felt he needed to be – one that creates permanent work with meaning..

Perfecting his style

Proph went on to experience a strong traditional apprenticeship, learning aspects of tattooing that are seemingly untaught these days, which gave him a greater understanding of the craft.

His early career was largely spend working on realism tattoos.  As he evolved his skills, he started to push for a more illustrated approach and was drawn to the style and fundamental structure of Japanese tattooing.

This style relies on the principal use of lines, solid color, skin breaks and breathing room in every piece.  Those guidelines translate to tattoos that are timeless.

Finding his place

A few years into his career, Proph became a resident tattooer at Thunderbolt Tattoo in 2017, which is widely considered to be Atlantas “go-to” shop for Japanese-style tattoos. This has allowed him to continuously evolve his skills and work with some of the most talented artists in the city.

The abundance of work Proph has produced in a somewhat short period is a result of feverish dedication, passion for his craft, and the mentality of being a career student.