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I schedule one consultation each day (12pm daily; 1pm Sundays.) Always by appointment, never by walk-in. Please indicate in the contact form which days of the week typically work best for you.


I tattoo one client each day and work in 4-hour minimum appointments. Ideally, my aim is to do longer sessions on clients who sit well and are focused on progress with large pieces, but I'm also understanding of clients tolerances. Booking is done 4 to 8 weeks out. I open my books on the 1st of each month for appointments in the following month. Existing clients with ongoing projects always get first choice of dates.

NOTE: My only exception to traditional style tattoos is single-sitting realistic portraits, preferring it to be family members/loved ones, and the occasional celebrity portrait. I do not book large scale/multi-session realism projects. 

Response time:

I answer all of my own emails, handle scheduling and consultations, and because of this it can often take me a few days to respond. Please be patient and ensure that you have provided me with all pertinent details about the tattoo you are interested in, where on your body it will go, and how to contact you. Please DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADRESS.

Location: Thunderbolt Tattoo
2088 Briarcliff Rd. NE #1
Atlanta, GA 30329